May 22, 2020

FALCONERI Extraordinary prices for Extraordinary People

FALCONERI offers everyday looks to classy evening wear, garments made from the best materials demonstrating the brand's indisputable elegance. 

At the same time FALCONERI is keen to see an increasing number of people able to access yarns such as Cashmere and Silk that once were the exclusive preserve of luxury labels.

One of the brand objectives is to democratise quality and this is why at FALCONERI stores, as of Spring 2020, a selection of our rare yarns at featured at extraordinary prices. 

Soft, Luxurious and Versatile, Ultralight Cashmere is the highest quality of FALCONERI Cashmere. Discover it in store at the exceptional price of 149€.

Romantic, Ethereal, Sensual. Silk is a noble fibre pare excellence.  Discover the Silk Items now at the Extraordinary price of 99€. 

Colour Palette

Silk and  Cotton, both noble and precious fibres, come together to make a yarn whose performance and properties are maximized to such an extent that it can be identified as the Cashmere of Summer Fibres. Try it now. Discover our Selection at an exceptional price of 99€.

Falconeri technical jackets arise from the union of the comfort of the cashmere and the practicality of the technical fabric. This important combination is translated into a collection consisting of versatile garments, perfect for numerous occasions. Ideal for travelling and leisure time, breathable and water-resistant. 

Falconeri technical jackets are made from a waterproof technical fabric on the outside and super-comfortable 100% Ultralight Cashmere on the inside. Unique garments that combine high thermal performance with a sophisticated and elegant style typical of the brand. Discover the capsule for him and her, available in different designs and colours at the extraordinary price of 497€.

Choose your favourite design from the wide range of technical jackets that Falconeri has created for him and for her.