Sep 24, 2020


Falconeri, an essential brand for lovers of cashmere and natural yarns, is a forthright proponent of its own Manifesto. It’s the expression of a dream made true, composed of five chapters, each of them recounting a fundamental aspect of the Italian brand's DNA.
Founded upon a clear, transparent philosophy, the Calzedonia Group brand brings even more clarity to its claim with its new print and online campaign: The highest quality cashmere at amazing prices, only 149€. The brand’s mission has always been to convey a strong and well-defined message that price is not always proportional to the quality of a garment. Falconeri renders cashmere – the luxury yarn par excellence – accessible thanks to a democratic pricing policy that never disregards the exceptionally high quality of the raw materials and Made in Italy manufacturing.

We believe in long-lasting beauty. Not in fast fashion. Not in the excesses of luxury.

As a premium fibre, cashmere offers a discreet charm. Falconeri has always been synonymous with high-quality clothing that exudes sophisticated and timeless elegance. The designs embody the brand’s seasonless philosophy, transcending short-lived fads and passing trends, and succeed in combining sumptuous, luxury yarn with affordable, democratic prices. Every garment is an investment piece designed to last a lifetime, saved from the trappings of disposable fashion. Brought to life through innovation and Made in Italy expertise, these are styles that can be passed down from generation to generation, like precious heirlooms.

Our secret is a magical combination of the finest natural fibers, Italian artisan skills and innovative production systems.

Extremely high standards of quality control are upheld during all stages of production, from yarn to finished garment, to ensure that essential requirements of softness and durability are reached. Each piece requires the hair of up to two goats, more than one hour of processing by our weaving machines and more than one hour of manual finishing. Refined, cutting-edge technology makes it possible to craft garments with very few seams, and the use of new flat knitting machines makes it possible to develop fabrics that simulate loom weaves. All of this is done in Italy by highly specialised and trained personnel who, by means of overseeing and finishing, ensure that each garment achieves the highest quality standards. The clothing production process is managed by skilled workers who are capable of handing down craftsmanship expertise, deeply-rooted in Italian cultural heritage. Because Falconeri is a combination of savoir-faire, craftsmanship and technology.

From the pastures of Mongolia to our stores, we make everything, removing any middlemen, caring deeply about every detail, including people and environment.

From Mongolia to the Avio manufacturing plant in the province of Trento. The best cashmere fibres 
are acquired from afar, without the use of intermediaries, before being skillfully worked on Italian soil. Falconeri believes in eco-conscious manufacturing, paying careful attention to ensure that
people and the environment are respected. For this reason the brand supports two important international organisations committed to the protection of individuals and the planet. First of all, the CCMI - Cashmere & Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute which protects the interests of consumers, producers and retailers by maintaining and guaranteeing the integrity of cashmere; and then the SFA, Sustainable Fibre Alliance  which acts to benefit the flora, fauna and cashmere processing chain in Mongolia. Sustainability is an issue that anchors the brand's entire philosophy which has always been intrinsically linked (by a cashmere thread) to nature in all its magnificence. From working with natural fibres that are renewable in and of themselves, to creating a series of projects aimed at preserving the planet in its original state.
Hence the need to adhere to "The Fashion Pact", a global coalition and a genuine commitment shared to date by 67 other prestigious names in the textile and fashion industry, in order to guarantee a more sustainable future for the Earth by thinking about three major issues: climate, oceans and biodiversity.

We believe in the highest quality cashmere at amazing prices. Extraordinary products for extraordinary people.

Falconeri Superior Cashmere comes from yarn selected on an ad-hoc basis originating directly from Inner Mongolia. Duvet fibre is the preferred choice, as it’s the thinnest and most valuable goat hair in the East Asian region. This fibre led to two of the brand's flagship yarns being conceived: Ultralight 2.50 made up of two combed, twisted yarns formed to make the garment, which guarantees exceptional thermoregulation, elasticity and breathability: just one garment requires 12 km of fibre. Ultrasoft 2.28 on the other hand, ideal for warm, voluminous knitwear, is made of carded yarns composed of two twisted yarns: 10 km of yarn is required for a single jumper. Exceptional quality that’s also affordable, thanks to a competitive pricing policy.

CHAPTER V This is the evolution of luxury. This is Falconeri.

Falconeri strongly believes in democratic luxury. Accessible but above all aware, it’s able to combine Made in Italy savoir-faire with practices that respect people and the environment. The result? Chicness in an evolutionary key. In order to give more people a sustainable and conscious choice.