Feb 28, 2021

FALCONERI Ultralight Cashmere - When simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Falconeri Spring/Summer 2021 collection expresses the desire for a return to nature, to the simple and authentic things. The quality of raw materials and the use of handcrafted detailing are the keystone of the collection.

On the one hand, nature is sublimated through an extreme and primordial sense of touch, thanks to exquisite lightweight fabrics and delicate ethereal nuances, where time seems like a non-dimension and everything is pervaded by its purity.

On the other hand, it is boisterous and lively: eccentric and feisty Spain is the setting, where the only thing that matters is the Here and Now, the joie de vivre and the desire to live life to the fullest, in all its rich and intense colors, ranging from sangria to coral up to mahogany.

To give that extra edge to the collection, come warm and vivid tones, such as fuchsia and mahogany, as well as natural hues of cream, apple green and lagoon blue.

The result is a mix of many different items that come together in one, creating a solid collection where all the elements are inextricably linked, a kaleidoscopic array of new colors and patterns that expresses itself through outfits that are all about a comfy, casual and effortless look.

A boho-chic touch is added by shades of faraway horizons, the new colors of degrade Cashmere Ultralight, designed for relaxed-fit crewnecks and V-necks. The degrade effect lends an impalpable feel to the garments, which pair harmoniously with any look. 

A 70’s style revival, the degrade pieces are prepared using TIE DYE methods, involving manual immersion dye technique giving a unique, exclusive effect yet with an artisan touch.

Each and every piece calls for a totally unique dye bath and the skillful hands of Falconeri experts, using a technique that includes passing through special dye tanks. 

The shaded effect creates a playful contrast of psychedelic colors.

A hippy vibe, built around a lightweight style and, just like the ULTRLIGHT cashmere, is perfect for all seasons, even summer.

The tops’ soft, slightly oversized fit, in both V-neck and round necks, gives a comfortable, fabulously practical touch to wear for all occasions from the most formal to the more relaxed.

The degradé process gives an imperceptible tonality to pieces which perfectly complement the total look.