May 25, 2021

Ultrafresh Supima® cotton & Invisible Supima® cotton by Intimissimi. 100% natural in a kaleidoscope of colours

Ultrafresh Supima® cotton and Invisible Supima® cotton are here! 

100% natural, for superior quality garments, in a kaleidoscope of colours that can be matched with the lingerie. 

Simplicity is best. Today, thanks to Intimissimi, the essential can be seen, felt and touched. We’ve returned to the simplicity of lines, to an understanding of style that's perfect for all the occasions in a woman’s life, creating a set of basic pieces that are destined to become evergreen favourites in any wardrobe. 

Once again, Intimissimi has listened to the needs of women today, who want clothes that go with any outfit, the perfect balance of comfort and casual chic silhouettes. 
To go back to basics, to combine versatility and absolute comfort, Intimissimi is focusing on a new, highly-performing fibre: Ultrafresh Supima® cotton, a trademark that identifies the best cotton in the world. 

100% natural and extra long, this type of fibre guarantees smooth fabric, free of the natural impurities of cotton, while ensuring greater durability. Moreover, it’s extra fine, bringing lightness and a fresh, cool feeling to every garment it composes. 

The range of styles proposed is vast. Relaxed-fit t-shirts join the slim-fit styles already in the collection, with a boat neck, a classic crew neck, a V-neck and a scoop neck. The collection then expands with simple or draped tank tops, feminine yet comfortable, a top with a deep V neckline at the front and back, and a slip with thin straps. The potential interplays of colour are infinite, mixing and matching with the brand's cotton lingerie, for a combination of looks: dapper, sophisticated and sporty. 

The ample colour palette goes beyond white and the classic blue and black to embrace numerous bright, summery tones for a season charged with energy. 

Ultrafresh Supima® cotton is then joined by Invisible Supima®, the new, diaphanous, lightweight line that’s also in 100% cotton, soft as a cloud with a supple, almost imperceptible feel. There are three pieces to choose from, each in six colours, ideal worn on their own or layered: a tank top, the must-have of the collection, that can be worn as a second skin or styled under the long-sleeve t-shirt from the same line, a wrap-front shirt and a wide-neck pullover to be worn off one shoulder. 

Ultrafresh Supima® and Invisible Supima®, for the unparalleled feel of fine cotton.