Mar 28, 2022

CALZEDONIA FISHNET Collection expanded with new ECO models

Fishnet is here to stay. Calzedonia continues to ride the wave of fishnet tights and does so with eco-sustainable yarn. 

An interweaving of warp and weft revisited with new patterns and three-dimensional designs.

Three new models have been added to the classic Calzedonia fishnet styles.

One boasts a large diamond pattern that evokes a crochet motif and creates original optical illusions down the legs for eye-catching results. Available in black and white, they’re ready to impress round the clock.

Macro squares in a dual yarn reminiscent of Escher's drawings offer a three-dimensional perspective for socks with a fun and playful appeal.

The same pattern in a micro version is used for two styles in black and white, producing a three-dimensional effect and creating optical illusions on the skin.

A trio of styles ideal for daytime wear with flat loafers or evening looks with heels, adding a twist to spring style.