May 31, 2022

ULTRAFRESH COTTON by Intimissimi. Fresh, Light, Extrafine

Intimissimi continues its journey, stopping amongst the white walls of a spectacular farmhouse in the Italian region of Puglia, surrounded by prickly pears and the hot southern sun. This is the setting for the new Ultrafresh Cotton advertising campaign, showcasing the latest T-shirts to discover and wear this summer.

The use of high-quality, 100% natural cotton guarantees a smooth, durable fabric that remain sunalterable over time. The resulting lightweight, extra fine texture provides a sensation of extraordinary freshness.

Ultrafresh Cotton is crafted from a uniquely special yarn with a uniform, smooth texture that is lustrous, versatile and unmistakably natural to the touch.

Once again, this season offers a vast range of garments, in which flowing, oversized T-shirts are 
added to the collection’s existing slim-fit styles. New items include: a crew-neck top with kimono sleeves; a loose-fitting, boxy style defined by an edgy straight cut; a fashionable boat neck featuring half-length sleeves; a figure-slimming, feminine V-neck with loose short sleeves; and, finally, a tank top with wide shoulder straps.

Each highly versatile style can be easily layered with other items, such as denim or a suit, creating 
dynamic, on-trend looks that can be worn everywhere throughout the entire year.

The colour palette features a wide array of the season’s on-trend hues, including must-haves black and white, as well as bon bon pink, spiced pink and sugar paper blue.

#intimissimicares project: traceability
“Improving is part of our culture. This is our idea of sustainability.”

Since its foundation, Intimissimi has made a name for itself not only for the quality and beauty of 
its garments, but also for its extensive control over the production chain. 94% of the items sold in 
Intimissimi stores are actually produced by factories owned by the company in Italy and abroad. 
This decision allows production management to be coordinated with the other phases of the 
supply chain, ensuring total dedication to brand needs and the elimination of intermediaries. In 
this way, it is possible to maintain high quality at an affordable price. This business model involves 
significant investments and the opportunity to offer jobs to a large number of employees, for the 
benefit of the communities in the towns in which the companies are located. In this way, it is 
possible to guarantee an excellent working environment inside the factories and respect for the 
human rights of the people who work there.

This transparent approach is reflected to an even greater extent in the online 
shop, thanks to the presence of a section titled “traceability” on the product sheet of each 
garment, featuring the details of the company sites at which it was manufactured. In this way, 
customers can obtain extensive information about the factory, the production phases, the 
commitment to issues regarding sustainability and the stories of the people who participated in 
the production of the items. The union between the brand’s sustainability journey and the supply 
chain control characteristics have made it possible to take a step forward when it comes to 
transparency towards customers relating to Intimissimi activities.

Specifically, nightwear items are produced in the Gordon (Serbia), Vavuniya (Sri Lanka) and Zalli 
(Bulgaria) factories. The garments then arrive at the logistics hub in Vallese (Italy) and go on to be 
shipped to stores all over the world.