Dec 03, 2022

CALZEDONIA Special Edition. Time to Sparkle for any occasion

Let it Shine! Calzedonia’s special edition collection of tights and leggings: perfect models to help you shine on any occasion

The new Calzedonia line is ideal for celebrating the year’s most special festive evenings, with rhinestones and sequins. 

Fishnet stockings with super shiny sparkles, lurex threads that light up opaque tights sometimes embellished with rhinestone-fringed anklets, jeweled appliqués and velvet bows for a perfectly chic, elegant effect.

There are a host of cut-out variants, the trend of the season: leggings with corset-style silver ribbon side braiding, tights with small bijoux clips on the side and jeweled laces on the back. 

The Bodysuit Tights are also back, available in two different variants: floral lace and total animal print. 

Finally, mesh leggings with rhinestones, with tonal feather hem, flare or full sequin palazzo in gold and black to slim the legs and help them stand out. 

This winter’s watchword: sparkling!