Mar 14, 2023

​Intimissimi Announces Jennifer Lopez as Global Brand Ambassador

Intimissimi has formally announced that the international icon Jennifer Lopez will be their new global brand ambassador. The Italian lingerie and intimate apparel brand confirmed the news to coincide with the release of their Spring/Summer 2023 campaign. 

The campaign, featuring Lopez, celebrates women and empowers them to feel confident and valued in all the roles that they play. Today’s women are savvy and successful and role models. They inspire us to work hard and follow our dreams. Lopez is the ultimate ambassador for Intimissimi as she brings a strong and modern sexiness to the brand and communicates their core values. “When looking for a brand partner who embodies the spirit of all our iconic customers, we immediately looked to Jennifer Lopez.  We want women to live the most fulfilling life and feel empowered every day,” said Matteo Veronesi, Chief Executive Officer of Intimissimi. 

Last year while traveling to Italy, Jennifer discovered Intimissimi.  “I love Italy - the people, the fashion, the culture, the food and the storied history. When I discovered Intimissimi, I was immediately drawn to their precious silks, romantic lace, beautiful cuts, flattering fits and intricate designs,” said Jennifer Lopez, “I’m proud to be an Intimissimi woman and honored that they view me as someone who emulates their own qualities of confident, lively and strong.”

 Riccardo Ruini, Creative Director, captures the essence of a dreamy and vibrant Italian summer using cinematic imagery to transform the colors of Positano in the new Spring/Summer 2023 campaign. Hues of fuchsia representing the bougainvillea, orange for the glowing sun and turquoise symbolizing the Mediterranean Sea are weaved throughout the new range. Ruini along with Director Gia Coppola and photographer, Chris Colls, truly evoke a vibrant coastal Italian paradise. The campaign reveals a day in the life of Jennifer Lopez, who is relaxed, playful, sipping coffee, and singing to herself the song, “II Cielo in una stanza.” A portrait of a woman that everyone can relate to, with slivers of wonder and magic.

Spring/Summer 2023 Collection 

RI1294R Sofia Bra col. Valentine Pink 

PVD71S Silk Kimono col. Valentine Pink 

RPS1294 Gioia Bra col. Digital Turquoise 

CLD1233 Silk Mannish-Cut Jacket col. Digital Turquoise Silk Mannish-Cut Jacket 

PDL1233 Silk Pajama Pants col. Digital Turquoise 

RI1294R Sofia Bra col. Flame Scarlet 

CLD1233 Silk Mannish-Cut Jacket col. Talc 

PDL1233 Silk Pajama Pants col. Talc 

Available starting today at and at all Intimissimi locations.