Oct 28, 2023

"This is Me.. Now" - The Capsule collection signed by Jenifer Lopez

Intimissimi’s fine craftsmanship meets the boundless creativity of Jennifer Lopez for the creation of an exclusive lingerie capsule.

This partnership began with Lopez starring in Intimissimi’s SS23 collection as the global brand ambassador and is now reaching an exciting new phase with the release of the “This Is Me Now” capsule collection, designed with Jennifer Lopez. The collection marks an important second chapter in the creative partnership of the Italian brand and the American icon, who joined forces to blend Intimissimi's dedication to exceptional quality with Jennifer Lopez's distinctive style. The name of the collection draws direct inspiration from Jennifer Lopez's upcoming album, "This is me…now" which delves into her deeply transformative journey of personal development. The collection's name encapsulates the essence of her evolution, self-reflection, and embracing her true self. In a remarkable parallel, the lingerie collection artfully weaves these same themes of growth and inner strength into its fabric. The outcome is a lingerie collection that captures the essence of modern sophistication and empowerment. 

Intimissimi’s commitment to artisanal excellence and innovative design provided the perfect canvas for Lopez to manifest her perspective on femininity and create a collection that celebrates the essence of womanhood. 

The inspiration for the collection was to create a one-of-a-kind collection of lingerie that harmoniously intertwines the sensuality and elegance intrinsic to women. 

Crafted with utmost care, the collection provides intricately embroidered details and quality materials such as silk fabrics and refined laces that provide luxurious appeal that reflects the brand's commitment to offering an unmatched sensory experience. Jennifer Lopez has accessorized the collection with a delicate detail—the hummingbird. This symbol, cherished for its connotations of luck, resilience, and vibrant energy, holds deep significance to her. Its inclusion adds an extra layer of meaning, infusing the pieces with her own unique essence. The color palette, carefully chosen, offers a trio of options: black, champagne, and jade green. The timeless black exudes classic allure, embodying the essence of sophistication. The elegant champagne tone expresses a sense of refinement and grace, perfect for those seeking a touch of subtlety. Lastly, the vibrant and intense green—a shade dear to Jennifer Lopez—provides a bold choice, appealing to those who want to make a statement.

Collectively, these elements come together to convey a powerful message of self-expression. By offering a range of styles and colors, the capsule collection aspires to embrace and enhance the unique beauty of every woman. The collection not only celebrates individuality but also underscores the brand's commitment to creating pieces that resonate on a personal level with women from all walks of life. 

About the Campaign: 
One notable aspect of this partnership is the integration of Jennifer Lopez's highly anticipated upcoming album into the collection's campaign. This unprecedented inclusion stands as a first for Intimissimi, making it a holistic experience that marries fashion, music, and empowerment into one compelling narrative. What renders this aspect truly unique is the avant-garde approach Intimissimi has taken—by previewing Jennifer Lopez's new album within the campaign. 

Under the creative direction of Riccardo Ruini, alongside the creative vision of director Francesco Carrozzini and the lens of photographer Norman Jean Roy, the campaign artfully captures the true essence of women's intimacy within a delicate and dreamlike ambiance. 

The main videos offer a glimpse into one of her most personal moments, amidst the throes of her creative process—both in the crafting of her new song and the creation of her lingerie collection. Set against the backdrop of her connection with herself and the lingerie she adorns, she shares an intimate perspective on the pivotal role that lingerie plays in allowing women to express the strength they innately possess, the confidence they radiate, and the authenticity they embody— all values that Intimissimi has long championed. Her statement resonates: "Lingerie is deeply intimate - it’s an embrace that empowers you to feel free and beautiful." Each visual element of the campaign is carefully curated to invite the audience into a world where intimacy and empowerment converge. In her words, "It’s delicate, it’s soft yet reveals the confidence in yourself." 

An additional video is an integral part of the campaign, shining a spotlight on Intimissimi's craftsmanship. In this video, Jennifer Lopez herself delves into the collaboration's essence, outlining the shared aspiration to craft something that stands as a unique embodiment of contemporary femininity, accomplished through the careful research and unparalleled artisanal expertise that Intimissimi brings to the table. She captures the spirit of their collaborative journey, beautifully articulating the driving force behind their partnership: "American creativity meets Italian design with a passion to craft something truly unique." With an air of authenticity and warmth, the artist takes us on a journey behind the scenes. Her words become a bridge, connecting the ethereal realm of ideas with the tangible world of craftsmanship. With a genuine sense of enthusiasm, she shares, "We worked together to bring my vision of femininity to life and enhanced it with the finest fabrics and the most delicate embroideries." 

“This is me…now” capsule collection created by Jennifer Lopez for Intimissimi embodies the joint ambition to help every woman feel sensually confident, authentically feminine, and undeniably beautiful in her own distinct way, and take pride in expressing her uniqueness through the art of Italian lingerie.