Apr 15, 2021

​INTIMISSIMI IN ACTION. Dynamic, cool everyday wear

Strong, vibrant, dynamic: Intimissimi once again celebrates women, this time with a range exclusively for every day wear. 

In-action, literally for women who increasingly are on-the-go all day long, is a range that acts as a catalyst for positive energy and therefore ideal for a variety of different occasions as well as leisure time. 

The collection consists of two different styles -one more sporty, the other softer -united by a perfect fit in a range where comfort is absolutely essential. More than that, Intimissimi’s 
IN ACTION collection is part of #Intimissimicares, an initiative focusing on ongoing research into eco-friendly fabrics which combine a beautiful appearance with materials with lower environmental impact. 

Sporty-à-porter is the sportiest, most eye-catching part of the collection. The double-faced fabric features a microfibre outer (containing Q-nova® recycled polyamide), perfect for all shapes, with Supima® cotton inside, super soft on your skin. Three different bras, three different styles: one padded, one with a central zip and one triangle bra. 
To complete the look, two form-fitting, supportive leggings designs in organic cotton, grown without using pesticides or toxic substances which fully respects the environment and workforce. 

Soft and dynamic is the more casual part of the collection. These pieces are perfect for women’s every day activities due to the exceptionally soft and comfortable modal and algae-based biofabric. The line comprises two bras, one padded which flawlessly accentuates your shape, thanks to super soft cups which ensure perfect support. Pair with leggings that lightly caress your silhouette and effortlessly follow your every movement.