Oct 20, 2023

Calzedonia launches its new 2023 campaign: ‘Every step is a step forward’

The well-known brand has always been an ally of women, and now it is exploring a new angle on female empowerment.

“They tell us that to get ahead, you need to keep moving forward. But what does forward actually mean?” It is with this question that the new Calzedonia commercial kicks off: not just a campaign, but a true reflection on how society seems to impose predefined goals and archetypes in order to achieve fulfilment. 

Moving forward often means moving beyond invisible constraints. A narrative that is brought to life day after day in the midst of imperceptible clichés. 

Calzedonia, an icon of comfort and authenticity, once again confirms its role as an ally of women and, with its commercial, distances itself from the stereotypes linked to the female world by offering a different, more profound point of view: if made consciously and with conviction, every choice can be a tool for making progress in life. Even a step backwards or a U-turn, such as reviewing your plans and rethinking your priorities. Because ‘forward’ can mean any direction, as long as it takes us where we really want to go.

This new dimension, for which the brand is the spokesperson, expresses the desire to escape from precise models by focusing on the most individual choices, the need to go beyond all frameworks. The ‘step’ that Calzedonia has always supported, appealing to the soul of all women, inviting them to rely on their own resources. 

With ‘Every step is a step forward’, Calzedonia offers all women a new outlook and a new perspective. Setting new horizons, where taking a step forward disregards the directions suggested by society. Calzedonia’s new campaign highlights the infinite number of ways of approaching life’s journey: because when it comes to achieving your own fulfilment, whichever direction you take is always the right one.